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How do I know which decorations aren't safe for fish?

I want to go to the craft store or the whatever store that sells halloween decor because I want to set up a halloween styled fish tank :) but I don't know whether the items are safe for aquariums or not.......
I do know that pet stores sell stuff somewhat related to Halloween like fake skulls and sunken ships. But I want more other than just that. (It seems more like a pirate-theme instead)

Anything that can be corroded is not safe. Water is a corrosive material, and will eventually break down many materials and potentially leach harmful chemicals into the tank. Many soft plastics are not safe. Many paints are not safe. Even shells can break down over time and alter pH. Don't use any metals, unknown woods, or porous material. If something can be scraped with your fingernail, it probably isn't safe. Many soft plastics are not safe.

Glass is safe. Crystal is safe. Many epoxy based paints can be fine once dry (hard shiny paint, usually it says waterproof or the like on it). Some things will say on them "not water safe" or "not for aquarium use" or the opposite. If you can get glass, it is the safest bet. Many recycled material items are not the safest either.

You can test some by adding known acid like vinegar to a container with the item. Wait a while (like days/weeks) and if no bubbling, decay or coloration occurs it MAY be safe. It is not 100% but would be more accurate than just letting something sit in water like another poster suggested.

Some information on safe ceramics:

Central Texas Gardener: Sept. 26, 2009

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